Trump: The Boyfriend They Can't Quit
by Elizabeth|Oct 2017

As we are on the precipice of war with North Korea, a Constitutional crisis, and losing our planet to the effects of climate change, I often wonder, what happened to the good people of this country? Have they simply abandoned their lifelong values, only to adopt new ones admired by bedlamites, or is the shift in this country rooted in something much deeper than many of us are able to recognize? The day after the election, I was in complete shock and by Thanksgiving, I was still mystified; the extreme adulation that Trump supporters offered then, and still offer now, made no sense to me, especially from the women. Being from New York and a woman myself, I have many times endured the creepiness of perverts making demeaning remarks about my appearance, and have even had my genitals groped on the subway. Over the years, I have seen Trump make remarks about women, rating their “hotness” and letting the world know who he would or would not sleep with, depending on whether or not they satisfied his standards of beauty; and from his interaction with women, it is very apparent that he believes women were put on this earth to look good in a bikini and prance around half-naked on stage. Yet this did not stop women from voting for him.

The day after Thanksgiving, I learned that it was white working-class women that put Trump over the edge. Before the election, I had watched hundreds of women come to Trump’s rescue on social media, excusing his behavior with an almost unanimous declaration; that Trump was just an average guy, not a politician, who wanted to help Americans prosper — so what that he makes fun of the disabled and is a misogynistic bigot. To them, they saw Trump as both the guy next door and the fast-talking, savvy New York businessman, who knew how to get things done. But here it is, almost a year later, and I am still observing the same women defend Trump on social media. The same women who have witnessed and tolerated this man-child’s temper tantrums and scurrilous outbursts, without reaping any benefits from his presidency, are still relentlessly coming to his defense, bashing anyone along the way who questions their loyalty. Initially, women were drawn to Trump because they were envious of Hillary; the successful, smart, ambitious woman, who had surpassed what most women would accomplish career-wise, tenfold. But they also liked Trump's charisma and made excuses for his repugnant behavior, because as women, that’s what most of us do; we get into relationships with men and when we discover characteristics we don’t like about the person we’re dating, we ignore them, with the hope that they will change. Of course they never do, but we end up sticking with the guy anyway, despite all of their undesirable behavior — at least longer than we should. And this partly explains where female Trump supporters are today; they cannot admit they made a mistake and move on, rather they dig their heels in the ground even harder. Because if they admit they helped get a sociopath elected, what would that say about themselves? That they fell for a con-artist who is taking advantage of them and they were too foolish or naive to see this coming? No, they would rather stick it out and suffer the consequences.

And so this brings me back to my initial question; what happened to the good people of this country? It would be easy to write Trump supporters off as idiots, racists, or mentally ill— and many of them are. But just like the female Trump supporters, the male supporters are also now playing the role of a woman who has decided to stay in a dysfunctional relationship; they are still hoping the man of their dreams will change, and they cannot admit that they are instead, dating a lunatic.

The Art of the Steal
by Elizabeth|Nov 2017

Dear Mr. President,
I recently visited the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. and stood in awe before the collection of books once belonging to Thomas Jefferson; hundreds of books that Jefferson not only owned, but read. Jefferson, along with the other founding fathers, soaked up knowledge like a sponge to construct the foundation of our beloved country. And while I was standing there, it dawned on me that you, Mr. Trump, actually equate your presidency to Jefferson’s. You believe your existence parallels the most glorious minds who have ever walked this earth; how dare you, Mr. President. You my dear, are the furthest thing from brilliant. You are a disgraceful troglodyte, who lives in a cave of Twitter war, ranting away on how the world owes you everything, and forsaking any responsibility for the chaos you have created. You are nothing more than an accidental president, a creation of tweets, reality television, and Russian data mining. You barely have a grasp on the English language, have no appreciation of history, or any understanding of government, law, or world affairs, except when it comes to judging Miss Universe. You are neither a patriot nor a real American, rather a snarly, contemptuous goon, who only knows how to buy his way to a false declaration of respect by pledging allegiance to Putin.

What helped get you elected, will also be your demise; you duped Americans in the flyover states who were so hungry for change, they were willing to try just about anything-- even a sexist, egotistical bigot, who insulted their moral and religious parameters. New Yorkers have wanted nothing to do with you for decades. During the Democratic National Convention in 2016, Michael Bloomberg called you out for what you are-- a con, who was desperately seeking a new group of dopes. But make no mistake dear, the Americans in the Midwest and the South that you conned are no dopes; they are hardworking, smart people who seem to have finally caught up to where New Yorkers have been for years. Your orange glow is waning and the loud drivel that spews out of your mouth no longer seems like erudition to them, rather the ramblings of a madman who is literally promising to turn coal into diamonds.

So while you tweet away in the dark chamber of hate you’ve created for yourself at 5am, just remember this-- you may be a president for now, but you will never be one of THE presidents of the United States. All 44 presidents who came before you were worthy of their titles. You are worthy of nothing except having the skills to buy your way to the White House with the help of KGB expertise. Your very existence is an insult to our democracy and even the very worst dictators of regimes across the globe think you’re a fool. You have spent your entire adult life preying on victims who mistook your ostentatious lifestyle for a gateway to prosperity, dangling glitz and fast talk in their faces, while robbing them blind; and as soon as you ran out of professionals to hoodwink, you moved on to the taxpayers, all the way to the Oval Office.

The problem is, and you once said this yourself, "You can't con people, at least not for long. You can create excitement, you can do wonderful promotion and get all kinds of press, and you can throw in a little hyperbole. But if you don't deliver the goods, people will eventually catch on." More and more, the people who voted for you are realizing that they have nothing to be excited about; that you have no "goods" to deliver. The patina of shit you're covered in is starting to stink and soon your supporters won't be able to tolerate it. Your legacy will be stealing a presidential election with the help of a foreign adversary, and sending out hate tweets about the person you stole it from. You lack empathy or remorse for harming the people who have devoted themselves to you because your sociopathic behavior worked for you as a businessman. But now Mr. President, you are standing on the world stage, 365 days of the year; and everyone can observe your nonsensical buffoonery. You don't have that much time left dear, before everyone labels you as the Emperor who is fond of new clothes, especially the ones Made in China.

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